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Learning The Art Of Beer Brewing Has Never Been EASIER!

You Can Quickly Start Creating Your Very Own Beer At Home  

Just By Using This New Method That's Made Brewing Fun And Simple!









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Are you confused about the brewing process? Want to learn, but it seems difficult?  

Maybe you have tried an extract kit, but are still unclear on how to truly brew beer.

You’re not alone. Not at all...

Many people, including me, have struggled to learn beer brewing over the years.

My name is Tanner. And for decades, the brewing industry hasn’t been kind to incoming brewers. The community has! Just the entry level brewing products haven’t made the process easy for us.

Which I’m sure you’ve seen at this point…

It’s either try the extract kits and see if you can stick with it, or go all in on expensive equipment, and suffer through some challenging brew days…

I tried both. And it wasn’t until Tyson taught me, that I finally got a grip on brewing.

“Why is it not easier?” I asked Tyson. “Why does it seem intimidating and hard?”

Tyson didn’t seem all that surprised in his response. “It takes a lot of will power and drive to get it down. Many people are on their own to start.”

After a few more brew days with Tyson, I began to love brewing! “Ah, now I see why so many people are head over heels for this hobby!”

After a few months of brewing some basic recipes, I wanted to craft my very own beer!

It was in October of 2019, and I wanted to make a Halloween themed beer.

I sat down with a pen, paper, hop chart and grain explanation sheet.

I had the vision and the taste I was going for. It was gonna be a dark red ale and on the sweeter side.

After about an hour of deliberating what grains would provide the color and taste, I chose the hops I thought would complement the color and taste I was going for.

Then the extras that would give it a nice Halloween POP.

Later that day, I brewed up, ‘The Straw-Vampear’! A blood red strawberry pear ale!

It was pretty awesome, and the feeling of crafting my own beer was intoxicating!

Pun intended...

After it was all said and done, we had a customer try it. He took one sip, looked at us, and said, “This tastes like it came from a commercial brewery.”

I was enthralled with his response to say the least! I mean, I just learned how to do this a few months ago!

Long story short, I wanted to help others do this too. So did, Tyson. So him and I teamed up to make this a reality for as many people as possible! Actually, one million people is our goal!

To bring this great hobby to light and make learning beer brewing as fun, easy and fast as possible!

Fast forward a year, and my friend, that’s how we developed…

  • The Prosperous Brewing Method

    Currently Available In 8 Tasty Options!

  • Orange Wheat Ale

  • German Chill Pills-ner

  • Robust Porter

  • Christmas Ale (belgian)

  • Black Forest IPA

  • 4 Blind Pigs (spiced red ale)

  • Belgian Dubbel Down

  • Double IPA

  • And Here's How It Works...

    One Step At A Time

    Sounds simple enough...

    But, this is the first ever guided ingredient kit! It forces you to focus on one step at a time, in order. 

    By creating a more visual learning experience, the brewing process basically becomes uploaded into your mind's hard drive. 

    Like learning the rules to a fun game as you play. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

    Your Kitchen Brewery

    ALL YOU'll NEED is a stove, stir stick and a couple bags of ice. The rest comes bundled with this kit and your home will be your own personal brewery.

    With such a simple and fun presentation, you'll be enjoying all the smells and flavors of the brew day instead of stressing over the 'how-to's'.

    Making this the most fun learning experience the brewing world has ever seen.

    "Going through all the steps is actually really cool." - Juan Gutierrez 

    Finishing With Great Beer

    Customers are consistently ending up with great tasting beer.

    Jake and Jenae are a perfect example. A few months after their very first batch, jake told me this, "...My dad thought it was from the store..."

    On their second batch EVER, they both said this about the Christmas Ale, "It's our favorite beer now. It was so good!"

    They made beer that ended up their favorite, ever. On the second attempt!

    I don't have the stats, but I haven't seen that very often on brewing groups and forums.

    Lets get into it a little more...

    All the ingredients you need to brew a batch of beer comes pre measured out in step by step packaging.

    Pull it out, set it down and roll it out like a fancy knife set. 

    You’ll notice that every step is separated and labeled from 1 to done.

    This is to force you to follow the correct procedure without confusion or skipping steps. 

    You literally have to do the steps in order... If you miss a step. You WILL know about it because you did it on purpose.

    "I have tried many brew making kits over the years and yours is by far the best. The sequential presentation makes it super easy and repeatable. You really have to try to fail."

    -Bill Black

    Starting at step 1, you have the in-depth instructions, brew recipe sheet, bag for your grain and the sanitizer packs. 

    Followed By;

    • The Grain

    • (in multiple steps) The Boil Additions (sugars, hops, and nutrient pack)

    • Yeast

    • Airlock

    • Bottling Sugar/Carb Tabs

    Every section has a sticker with a short note and QR code. 

    Each QR code will take you directly to a video only for THAT EXACT STEP!

    So whether you prefer to read directions or watch videos, we got you covered like stink on shit.

    See, with such an easy and proceduralized approach, you have no choice but to learn almost effortlessly. 

    Now, you may be thinking..

    "Right on! But what all will I need to brew beer at home?"

    What You Need To Brew Beer

    • PB Method (all beer ingredients)

    • 3+ Gallon Kettle

    • Ferment Bucket

    • Tubing and Bottling Wand

    • Thermometer

    • Hydrometer and Jar

    • Caps and Capper Tool

    • 12-15 Recycled Bottles (used beer bottles)

    • Stirring Utensil (i.e big spoon) 

    • Stove/Burner

    What Comes With This Bundle

    • PB Method (all beer ingredients)

    • 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle

    • 2 Gallon Ferment Bucket with Spigot

    • Tubing and Bottling Wand

    • Thermometer

    • Hydrometer and Jar

    • Caps and Capper Tool

    • 12-15 Recycled Bottles (used beer bottles)

    • Stirring Utensil (i.e big spoon)

    • Stove/Burner

    You just need some kind of spoon or stir stick, a stove and some ice once you grab this bundle! 

    12 - 15 used (not twist top) bottles will be needed. I'm sure you can find those... 😂

    So, you'll receive all that in addition to all the brewing ingredients. Which includes yeast and sanitizer. All are measured out and packed in order in the Prosperous Brewing Method kit.

    That way you won't be searching in a pile of ingredients, then measuring them out. All while unclear on what you're doing in the first place.

    With the Prosperous Brewing Method, you will be focused on the procedure and the procedure only.

    That's the important part. Once the brewing procedure is locked in, you can mess around with measuring and experimenting later.

    Before you know it, you'll be creating your own recipes and experimenting like crazy!

    It all starts here...

    This IS the fastest and easiest path to confident brewing.

    But hey, don't just take it from me...

    Here's What New Brewers Have To Say...

    "I have to be honest; your kit is freakin awesome! The instructions were straightforward to follow, especially for my first time brewing. I really love the kit, and the easy step by step detail on brewing made my process super enjoyable. I would also recommend this site for any first time homebrewer. I look very forward to my next batch, especially from PPHS. Thank you for making it so damn easy!"

    – Albert

    "This brew kit was awesome! The directions were super easy to understand/follow. I would highly recommend getting a brew kit and giving it a try. If you can read then your beer will turn out awesome just like mine did! 👍"

    – Josh R

    "The knowledge and chemistry from the PPHS guys was incredible! We started with the gallon and a half batch and that was fun. Not only was it fun, it turned out great! Now that we can do it, we’re moving up to 5 gallons."

    – Edgar 

    Why This Method & Bundle Is Such A Game Changer: 


    • Being overwhelmed was the the biggest reason people strayed from brewing. We answered. With the prosperous brewing method, you'll enjoy being walked through the brewing process like an empty Disneyland line.


    • ALL the ingredients are exactly measured out and packaged in order so you don't need to worry about it! Just open the next step and add it in!


    • Within the detailed instructions, we have taken the time to add numerous tips, tricks and suggestions so you'll be crystal clear on EVERYTHING.


    • Everything that comes with this kit is legit equipment that you'll use for future brews. Even when you upgrade... The kettle is a great soup pot and the bucket is still perfect for your small batch fermenter!


    • Not everyone learns the same. So, along with great written instructions, you'll also see QR codes printed on every section that lead to a specific video for THAT STEP. 


    • You shouldn't worry about everything during your first few batches. With this method, you only think about the brewing process in a proceduralized manner. Resulting in success early and confidence quickly.

    This is the first beer brewing method of its kind. Period.

    Never before has there been a system covering even 3 of those 6 perks.

    As I said earlier, there is a disruption coming.

    A disruption that allows everyone to learn beer brewing with ease and enjoyment.

    Leading to more people enjoying a great new hobby, and the world having more great beer to drink.

    So, with all the above taken care of...

    During your first batch, you only concern yourself with...

    The Exact Process To Brewing Beer!

    First and foremost, we add our grain to heated water. Holding the temperature between 148*F - 158*F while stirring occasionally for 35 minutes. This is converting the starches from the grain into fermentable sugars.

    After the 35 minutes, it's time to raise our temperature to 170*F. This stops the enzymatic conversion of starches to fermentable sugars. We just do this for 7-10 minutes before separating the grain from the water.

    With our grain pulled out, we bring the sugar water to a boil and add our hop additions. Start a timer and watch for boil over! This is a great time for a nice cold one....

    Once we're done boiling, it's time to cool our sugar water down to around 70*F. To do this, we'll place our kettle into an ice bath. 

    With our sugar water around 70*F, we'll now pour it into the fermenter and sprinkle the yeast on. Then apply the lid and airlock.

    Now we store our beer in a temperature stable (between 65*F - 72*F) area free from sunlight and wait patiently for a few weeks.

    There you have it. The 6 basic steps to brewing beer.

    Doesn't seem so hard when that's all you'd have to worry about, right?

    With those steps alone...

    You now know more about brewing than 95% of people.

    Including those who are starting with extract beginner kits....

    So, what do you think? I think you can brew great beer right off the rip.

    Let's talk about what you'll be getting...

    Here's What's Bundled With The Prosperous Brewing Method For Only $87 If You Order Today!

    #1: 5 Gallon Kettle & Thermometer

    Stainless steel 5 gallon kettle with lid that can be used on stovetop or over a propane burner. Great to have for more than just beer brewing.... 10" dial thermometer with kettle clip. Need to know your temps during the brew day! This guy rests on the edge of your kettle for easy use. 

    ($40.97 Value)

    #2: Hydrometer & Jar

    A hydrometer is a vital instrument in the brewing world. It measures the gravity and ABV of the beer so you'll know if your hitting your targets and if your beer is ready to be bottled. You'll need one sometime. Also comes with the graduated cylinder for proper use.... 

    ($13.94 Value)

    #3: Tubing & Bottling Wand

    3' section of surgical grade tubing and a bottling wand with a check valve. These make bottling easy and CLEAN. Just attach the tubing to the bucket spigot and the wand, then open the spigot. Beer will only flow when the wand tip is compressed. (bottom of bottle)

    ($5 Value)

    #4: Ferment Bucket & Spigot

    This 2 gallon rock solid ferment bucket is constructed by the M&M company and tough as hell. Comes with a nice screw on lid that's easy to apply and remove with an o-ring for consistent sealing. Also comes with a spigot for a simple distribution of beer.

    ($17.97 Value)

    #5: Caps & Capper Tool

    You'll obviously need to put your beer into bottles. We don't supply bottles, but we do equip you with caps and a kickass Gloria capper tool. Super easy to use and a must have for brewing.

    ($17.89 Value)

    Just The Value Of These Extras Amount To More Than $95.77!

    So... What's The Catch?

    There is no catch. We are a new company on a mission to change the beer brewing industry. To help you and your friends learn and enjoy the art early, often and forever! And, yes... We're trying to get our name out there with a killer launch deal... Which is NOT sustainable. So, hurry and capitalize on...

    • The EASIEST and fastest method to learn beer brewing EVER

    • A bunch of nice equipment for a SUPER LOW PRICE

    • Several flavor options to choose from so you WILL make beer you like 

    • The BEST opportunity to create beer you LOVE in no time

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    Grab your bundle today!

    And Become A Brewing Master!

    We want you to start off crushing beer brewing, not overwhelmed or intimidated! Just click the button below to skyrocket to brewing success!

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